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Zivic Stencil

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of thing Farming
Date made or found
The date "1950s" was not understood.
Place used Mallala
Current location Mallala Museum
Used in Labelling packed cases of tomatoes
Ceased use
The date "1980s" was not understood.

At the rear of the allotments 2 Joseph Street Mallala, Zivojin 'George' Zivic planted and cultivated tomatoes and cucumbers in seven glass houses. The produce was put into half sized packing cases, which had been labelled with the application of the stencil, to be transported interstate and throughout the local area. The Railway Station at Mallala provided a convenient and efficient means of transport to the markets in Victoria.

In the 1980s ill health caused George to cease his business but he continued to maintain one glass house for production of his tomatoes and cucumbers. This was for personal use and a supply for his friends. George continued to raise his plants and for those of his friends who were gardening enthusiasts and who appreciated his generosity when they received a supply of seedlings.

George had emigrated from Yugoslavia, Europe in 1950, and settled in Mallala. In 1952 he married Valda Coleman, a local girl, and built a home and they raised a family of two children. In 1996 George and Valda moved to Gawler to a retirement village and here he continued growing tomatoes but pots not glass houses were used. Then George's ill health meant a move back to Mallala to reside in 'Butler View' and the Mallala Hospital where George died in 2006.


It is a piece of metal 22.80cm X 19.00cm with the letters as cutouts


  • Mallala Museum
  • Myra Pontt. (Myra is the daughter of George and Valda.)
Stencil ZIVIC Tomatoes
Stencil ZIVIC Tomatoes
Zivic stencil
Zivic stencil
George Zivic
George Zivic
G Zivic Tomatoes
G Zivic Tomatoes
G Zivic  construction
G Zivic construction

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