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Windsor Shop

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Also known as: Windsor Store
Street name: Old Pt Wakefield Rd
Town or locality: Windsor

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In 1884 Edward G Everett purchased the Windsor Shop and Post Office and possibly four generations of the family including Herbert A. Everett, H.H. Everett and C.H. Everett owned and operated the business until 1946. 

Mr C.H. (Charlie) Everett installed the petrol bowsers at the front of the shop and built the shed so that he had a place to store the petrol in the 44 gallon drums.

During 1946 William (Bill) Palamountain purchased the Windsor shop from C.H. Everett following his discharge from service in the Royal Australian Navy during World War Two. 

In 1948 he married Kathleen Irish and together they ran the business at Windsor until 1965. They worked hard to create a thriving business and stocked most things required for daily living. As well as groceries, fruit and vegetables, milk and meat, they also carried hardware, boots and clothing.

Bill had a utility plus a trailor and he would go to Adelaide every week to collect the fruit and veg and the groceries. Bill had a delivery service of these items to householders in the district.

They managed the Post Office and also the telephone exchange which operated up to 10 pm each evening. All this while rearing a family of four children.

Bill had a carrying business using  two trucks, and with the assistance of George Baker they delivered many services to the local farmers. Superphosphate and petrol in 44 gallon drums were just some of the items that they delivered. At times they would also take a load of sheep to the abbatoirs for a farmer.

In 1965 Bill and Kath Palamountain sold the shop to R.M and S.M. Knox and relocated to Gawler.

The "Life around the Light - History of the Mallala District Council Area" published in 1985, lists the following names as owners of the Post Office from 1877 to 1985.

William Temby, Francis Diment, William and sons James and Thomas Diment, Herbert Havelock Everett, Charles Herbert Everett, William John Palamountain, Robert Knox, Lancelot Wilby, George Hage, Barry Lee, Derek Seddon, Derek Bladen, Roy Poole, Arthur Walter, Peter Waye.


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Everett's at Windsor
Everett's at Windsor
1946 Windsor Store
1946 Windsor Store
Bill Palamountain with the Dodge
Bill Palamountain with the Dodge
1952 Windsor Shop
1952 Windsor Shop
Trucks ready to go at the Windsor store
Trucks ready to go at the Windsor store
Windsor -George Baker
Windsor -George Baker

Memories of Windsor Shop

Mrs Shirley Pritchard (nee Everett) recalls that her father Charlie Everett installed the petrol bowsers in the mid to late 1930s.

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