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Williams Leslie Alfred

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Date of birth
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Place of birth Adelaide
Principal occupation Teacher
Date of death
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Place of decease Adelaide

Mr. L. A. Williams was probably the longest serving Principal of the Mallala Primary School - from 1939 to l958 inclusive. He was a highly-regarded teacher who was able to instruct the students and maintain discipline without recourse to corporal punishment, in the days when "the cane" was often used.  In recognition of his service to the school, he was asked to plant a time capsule in the new school entrance structure, on the occasion of the school centenary celebrations, in 1977. During his career, he taught at various schools including Beltana, Wilmington, Cygnet River K.I., Brighton and Campelltown.

He was fond of music, especially of the classical kind. He taught music to a number of young people and organised many school concerts which were held in the Mallala Institute. He was called upon to provide music for dances in various places including Dublin and Windsor, for the two local Lodges and for the Methodist and Anglican Churches. He organised the Mallala Glee Club concerts held in Mallala, Long Plains and Balaklava, which raised money for the school.
He was a self-confessed poor motorcar driver and jokingly noted that he was seldom asked to transport the local lawn bowlers to their away matches. On one rare occasion when he was called upon, he managed to get lost on the way to Hamley Bridge and then get lost on the way home - in the Mallala Township! The eight-road intersection confused him even though he had lived in Mallala for several years. He claimed that he was sober at the time. Fortunately, he was never lost in teaching geography to his students.

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David Arthur was a principal at the Mallala School and his time of tenure as principle at the school was 1975-1997. He would be considered to be the longest serving principal.

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