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Wedding Dress Display. S.A History month 2018

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of event Celebration

Weddings Across the Generations

Street name Dublin
Street suffix Road
Town or locality Mallala
Date occurred or began May 5, 2018
Date ended May 6, 2018
Managed or hosted by Mallala Museum and Community
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On the weekend of the 5th & 6th May 2018, as part of the Mallala Museum S.A. History month involvement, a community event titled "Weddings Across the Generations" was held in the Mallala Institute.

The community supported the event with great enthusiasm and wedding gowns and related dresses, photographs and objects from around the district were unpacked from wardrobes and boxes and placed on display for visitors to enjoy. The related family names added interest. "Weddings Across the Generations" was aptly named and well over 100 gowns ranged from early 1900s to the very recently worn modern gowns. With assistance and direction by the organizers, the owners of the gowns displayed them grouped in families.

Over the years many gowns were purchased but a large number were made at home by either the bride to be or her mother with great care and love. The range of styles and materials was immense and the bridesmaid dresses added splashes of colour to the hall and adjoining reception room. Organizers and participants provided great enjoyment to the hundreds of people who visited over the weekend.

The Mallala branch of the Country Woman's Association was formed in the mid 1940s and from that time on it catered for the majority of wedding receptions held in the Mallala Institute. On the occasion of this special weekend the CWA ladies once again offered refreshments to the visitors in their adjoining club room. It was a welcome place to relax and reminisce.

(Photographs courtesy of photographer Ros Franks)

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Wedding Gown Display
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