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Victory Day Flyover

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of event Celebration

Victory Parade formation over Adelaide

Street name King William
Street suffix Street
Town or locality Adelaide
Date occurred or began August 16, 1945

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In August 1945, Adelaide crowds turned out in great numbers, and the streets were decorated, for the Victory Parade through the city.

As part of the celebrations, Mallala Base was to provide the flyover.

Flight Lieutenant Max Matheson (418447) provided this account.

The 6 SFTS Mallala Base was requested to put on a large formation flight of 54 aircraft, made up of 3 squadrons of Oxfords and 3 of Ansons, to fly over the city of Adelaide and surrounding country, to celebrate the end of the war. The day before the event the CEO briefed everyone for a rehearsal, but as I was Orderly Officer I couldn't fly, so my position was flown by the instructor who was to be the O.O. next day, and I went up the tower with the C.O. to watch the CFI lead the other 53 aircraft around the sky.

Well, the fun started when the pilots tried to all start up on time, taxi out from dispersal, locate their actual flight and squadron, join in the scramble to get airborn, and form 3 flights of 3 aircraft per squadron, keeping Oxfords separate from Ansons.

Now the CFI had a personal Oxford with the FaireyReed metal airscrews polished up to cruise 10 knots faster than the other Oxfords, who were full throttle catching him, the poor old Ansons had no hope at all.

The CO was red in the face, fuming, trying to make radio contact. (Few had radios, fewer worked, even fewer switched on.)  

At the debriefing, when everybody calmed down, the CFI was asked to fly 20 knots slower, all aircraft were parked, refuelled, and started up in actual formation position, and Anson pilots were allocated an airman to wind up the undercarriage, as it was agreed too difficult to wind your wheels up while trying to get into position.

The actual flyover next day was faultless according to the Addy.  (The Advertiser newspaper.)

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Memories of Victory Day Flyover

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