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Two Wells and District Family History Group

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Community Service
Also known as: Two Wells and District Family History Group

Town or locality: Two Wells
Date established: 1986

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The Life Appreciation Library Group was formed in 1986 as the result of a successful application for a grant from the SA Libraries Board.  The aim of the group is to record the history of people buried in the Mallala District cemeteries, by way of headstones, profiles, eulogies, photographs and family history books.

Over the years many volunteers from the community have been involved in the work of the group, five of the original committee are still very involved in the group's activities.

The District Council of Mallala made available copies of the burial records and the cemetery plans so that we could accurately record and check that our work was correct.  The first life appreciation profile was presented to the group in March 1989.

In the early days, all of the data, which was recorded by hand from the headstones, was put on disk and hard copies produced.  Finally, after checking, the records were professionally bound into book form for future reference, available to anyone preparing their own  family history or for anyone interested in the history of the area.

Since then the collection has accumulated to well over 200 documents, profiles, eulogies, photos, books, copies of merit awards and certificates, as well as copies of family history books.  These records are stored in the Two Wells Community Library and are available for reference only.

We have now been overtaken by technology and people compiling their family history now rely mainly on the information available on internet, however, we still receive inquires from the public which must mean that our records are a valuable asset.  We still record by hand all headstones in the cemeteries of the district council area, and are presently involved in placing cement crosses with plaques on all unmarked graves in the Two Wells Cemetery.  Our financial status relies on the support of the District Council of Mallala by way of grants and donations from local organizations and families.  The task of placing cement cross and plaques on unmarked graves is still continuing with already approximately 200 crosses erected.

Information about anyone buried in the Two Wells Cemetery can be obtained from the Two Wells Community Library and Mallala Council.

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