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Two Wells Methodist Church

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Religious

Street name: Gawler Road
Town or locality: Two Wells
Date established: 1857
Established by: Primitive Methodists
Business or purpose: Religious services
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The first Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in 1857 one and half miles south of what is now the town of Two Wells and closed in 1874. The second chapel was built in Drew Street, Two Wells in 1866 and later became the Sunday School building.

In 1882 the Primitive Methodist Church members acquired a chapel adjacent to what is now known as Gawler Road, Two Wells which had been previously built for the "Disciples of Christ" faith.

This building has remained the home of the Methodist Church congregation (now Uniting Church of Australia) in Two Wells.

The Disciples of Christ Chapel was built as a result of work by Mr Henry Warren, who emigrated from England and settled in South Australia in 1854. In 1867, Mr Warren and his brother in law Mr Cowan erected a flour mill in Two Wells. Mr Warren was a prominent lay preacher and under his leadership a Disciples of Christ congregation was established and a chapel built in early 1869. It is understood that Mr Samuel Nicholls was the builder.

In 1882, when the Primitive Methodists acquired the building, the Chairman of the Primitive Methodist Trust was Rev. William Jenkin who was resident minister in Two Wells from 1882 - 1885. The design of the church shows its previous association with the Disciples of Christ. Behind the communion table is a large archway which led through double doors into the baptistery for baptism by immersion. The double doors have been replaced with a wall and the baptistery has long gone.

In 1900 amalgamation between the Primitive Methodist Church, the Bible Christian Church and the Wesleyan Church resulted in the Methodist Church being formed.

Two Wells served as the centre of a Methodist circuit based geographically approximately in the centre of the Hundred of Port Gawler. However in 1962, Two Wells became part of the Gawler West Circuit for several years until the late 1970s when it was annexed to the Mallala Circuit.

In 1977 with the union of the Congregational, Prebyterian and Methodist Churches to form the Uniting Church of Australia, Two Wells remained part of the Adelaide Plains Parish and is still serviced by the resident minister at Mallala in this year of 2012.

A dedicated congregation over the years has seen improvements made to the building, beautiful stained glass windows installed and in recent years quite extensive building additions. The ladies organizations of the church have over the years proved a tower of strength in many ways.

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Memories of Two Wells Methodist Church

GJG remembers: For additional information copies of the "Two Wells Then and Now" by Bet Williams can be viewed at the Two Wells library.

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