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Two Wells Football Club

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Sporting

Street name: Old Pt Wakefield Rd
Town or locality: Two Wells

Business or purpose: playing sport
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There is some evidence to suggest that the Two Wells Football Club was functioning in 1911 but early records were lost or burnt. As in other country towns it appears that football was played in the town as a social event well before 1911.

The earliest football ground was situated one kilometre south of the town on Windmill Road.

There were two more different locations on which matches were played prior to suspension of play in 1939 at the start of World War Two.

Following the war the crown lease land was placed in the control of the District Council of Mallala to be used for recreational purposes.

At that time, the area where the oval is now situated on Old Pt Wakefield Road, was a very unattractive site and included an old quarry into which much of the storm water from the main street drained. Mr Les Hart put forward a proposal that the area be developed for use as an oval and was supported by the Clerk of the District Council of Mallala Mr Andrew Driscoll. The original clubrooms were built by funds raised by the local people and the school children planted pines around the perimeter of the area to commemorate the official end of World War Two.

In the years immediately following the war the Two Wells Club joined a reformed Lower North Association with the teams including Virginia, Smithfield, Salisbury, Roseworthy town and Gawler River.

1951 Two Wells entered a team in the newly formed Gawler and District Football Association.
Before the 1961 season a combined Two Wells-Virginia club joined  the newly constituted Central Districts Football Association and stayed with them until the completion of the 1969 season.

In 1970 Two Wells- Virginia moved into the Adelaide PLains League fielding two senior and two junior teams.The other clubs competing in that year were Mallala, Long Plains United, Owen, Balaklava, Pt Wakefield, Hummocks United and Watchman.

In 1974, Two Wells - Virginia returned to the Gawler and District League.

In 1987 the Two Wells Club rejoined the Adelaide PLains League.

In 1989 a major clubroom upgrade commenced with extensions which doubled the existing area.. The oval was also upgraded and new turf laid which was supported by an underground watering system.

The new clubrooms were completed in 1990, and with the ability to serve meals after matches the club spirit improved. The oval lights were upgraded in 1999.

In 2010 the Two Wells Football Club is very competitive in all grades.

Please note: The above article taken from "Two Wells Then and Now" by Bet Williams is condensed. The complete article can be viewed in the above book at the Two Wells Library.

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Memories of Two Wells Football Club

A major expansion to the Two Wells Football Clubhouse is scheduled for 2011.

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