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Teddy Bear

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of thing Personal
Date made or found 1950
Place used Mallala, South Australia

Mrs Christiane Boril, her husband and their two small sons left Germany in 1949 to settle in Australia arriving at Port Melbourne .

The family was sent to the Bonegilla Migrant Hostel in Victoria and later transferred to Mildura. While in Mildura, Mrs Boril purchased a teddy bear, a pair of boots and a birthday cake for her son Alex's first birthday. His birthday was celebrated on 28 April 1950 in Mildura.

She had purchased these gifts with her Child Endowment Allowance of three pounds. In September 1950 the family moved to the Mallala Migrant Hostel situated at the Mallala Air Force Base.

When accommodation and employment became available in the town of Mallala the Boril family moved out of the Hostel to take up residence and begin a new life in Australia.

The articulated bear measures 450mm in length. It is a golden coloured plush fabric bear with bound stitched nose glass brown eyes and padded paws.

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Memories of Teddy Bear

Margaret T. remembers: The child who received the bear as his first birthday present is the person featured in the photograph of the inside of the Commercial Bank of Australia. Alex is waiting to give service to the next client.

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