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Stony Point School

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government
Street number: Section 503 Hundred of Dublin
Street name: Dublin
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Stony Point
Date established: 1876
Ceased operation: 1906
Business or purpose: Education
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 Mr. Clarrie (Jack) Judd, at the age of 95 years,retraced his experiences in relation to the Stony Point School.

He attended the Stony Point School c.1900 and his first teacher was Miss Dyer and later he was taught by Miss Emslie

The school building was made of Weatherboard, built off the ground and with a residence attached.Neither of the first two teachers lived in the house, but boarded at nearby farm houses and they rode their bicycles to and from school.

The one teacher school catered for children from Grade 1 through to Grade 7, and there were approximately 25 children attending.

The school building was not used as a church.

The pile of stones remaining on the property were from the tank stand, or rear addition.

Following the closure of the school, the building was purchased by Mr. H.E. Bartlett and later owned by Mr. Bridgeman – both of Mallala

In the newspaper "The Bunyip" 5th November 1880 an article titled Mallala Oct 27and attributed to( from our own Correpondent ) says this about the Stony Point School.

" We hear of complaints about the crowded state of the Government school at Stony Point.The building is a wooden one, built for about forty children, and there are about seventy attending. Some have to go in the porch when the others are writing in order to make room."

On site is a limestone cairn which was erected as an initiative of the Mallala Museum Committee and assisted by a grant from the District Council of Mallala.

Register of Teachers in Charge Date of Taking Charge
Josephine  Holdsworth 1880
Thomas John Price 1882
Ellen Wynne 1st July 1882
John Thomas Angove 1884
Henry Gordon Gibson 1885
Alice Nairn 26th October 1885
Mary Deodata Mitton 31st July 1892
Elizabeth Ann Dyer 1st September 1895
Alice Jayne Emslie 22nd July 1900
Emily Louisa Turner 12th May 1901
Evelyn Polkinghorne 28th June 1903
Laura Cowan 1905

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Certificate of Merit from the Stony Point School
Certificate of Merit from the Stony Point School
Stony Point School
Stony Point School
Stony Point School
Stony Point School
Stony Point School Cairn
Stony Point School Cairn

Memories of Stony Point School

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