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Reeves Plains School

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business

Town or locality: Reeves Plains
Date established: 1867

Business or purpose: Education
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Opening of the Reeves Plains School October 15th 1867 (Excerpt from the South Australian Weekly Chronicle Saturday 22nd October 1867)

The ceremony of opening the new school at Reeves Plains took place on Tuesday October 15th. The day was a boisterous one with a heavy wind blowing all day and giving every indication of more rain. However with the exception of a light shower, which was enough to make the roads (which are in a fearsome condition) almost impassable, the day was a favourable one.

The building is very substantial and well finished, containing a family residence for the schoolmaster and the spacious school room calculated to hold from 150 to 200 students. It is built of stone with brick quoins and ornamental coping. It cost 434 pounds 3 shillings and 5 pence.

It is situated on a part of Mr W. Smith’s section, that gentleman having generously given an acre of land for the purpose. The grounds on the occasion were beautifully decorated with pines, and over the gate way and arch with the inscription “Welcome” curiously woven with flowers. They reflected great credit on the ladies for their perseverance and taste. At the public meeting held in the evening and presided over by Mr Cordon it was revealed by Mr Masters that the total cost of the building, furniture, maps etc, was 469 pounds 8 shillings and 5 pence.

The chairman called upon Mr Gibson of Kapunda to give the lecture and then the Red Banks choir sang three anthems. A vote of thanks was tendered and the meeting closed at 10.30 pm.” '

'Land for both the school and church was acquired from William Smith who was an original landholder having been allotted the section 89 Hundred of Port Gawler on 7 March 1859. One acre of land was purchased for the building of the school on 2 July 1866.

The first teacher was Mr Adams. Others to follow were Mr Allport, Mr Small, Miss Ryan, Mrs Rudall and Mr Fitzgerald.

The school closed in 1967 when a school bus service was commenced to take the children to Mallala Primary School.

The school building is still standing and is one of the very few original buildings still in existence in the district. The building is used as a private residence in 2009.

Teacher First Name Date commenced note Arrived from Date Departed Destination
Adams Thomas 1867 1872
Mitchell William 1872 1873
Gilmore Robert C. 1874 1875
Allport Henry 1876 1878
Ryan Annie G. 1879 1881
Small Samuel 1879
Rudall Elizabeth Anna 01/10/1881
Rudall Elise Mathilda 13/04/1885
Fitzgerald Richard Francis 04/04/1887 1889
Fitzgerald Catherine M. 04/04/1887
O'Mahoney Ellen 06/10/1889 1890
Upton John 12/05/1890
Upton Louisa Ann 08/02/1897 1902
Wynne Ellen 7/07/1902 1903
Annear Mary Euphemia 19/01/1903 1904
Cameron Annie Josephine 11/04/1904 1905
Farrelly James Joseph 25/03/1905 1912
Wright Margaret 23/01/1906
Wicks Margaret 8/04/1907
Keane Mary Margaret 8/03/1909 LT
Wicks Margaret 12/06/1909 1915
Shepherd Jessie Mary 28/05/1910 1915
McMamara Laura M 18/01/1915 LT
Shepherd Jessie M. 22/02/1915 1915
Schmidt Edwin August 14/09/1915 1919
Struch Gwenda C. 13/08/1916
Schmidt Edwin A. 28/08/1916
Cunningham Edward Henry 1/10/1919 1924
Knight Beryl M 1/04/1924
Milner Frank E 4/08/1924
Day Frank S. C. 4/03/1929 Robertstown West 31/12/1930 Canowie Belt
Congdon Thomas C 27/01/1931 Kulpara 26/06/1936 Kingscote
Hussey Francis L. 30/06/1936 Gawler Primary 31/12/1938 Farrell Flat
Smith Clarence 31/01/1939 Barossa Goldfields 31/12/1942 Gilbert Street
Larwood John D. 26/01/1943 Morella 21/12/1944 Mannanarie
Beaton Francis 13/02/1945 AIF Sebastopol 10/12/1947 Croydon
Lowe N. 24/02/1948 East Adelaide 13/09/1948 Relieving Duties
Tucker Garnet Ludwig 14/09/1948 Eden Hills 12/05/1950 Retired 11/05/50
Webb Raymond 23/05/1950 Poochera 3/09/1953 Batchelour NT
Hunter R. Stewart 15/09/1953 Fairview 31/12/1956 Parkside Primary
Ridgeway Brian E. 12/02/1957 Lameroo Area School 31/12/1960 Thebarton
Richter Ken G. 7/02/1961 Wattle Park Teachers college 31/12/1964 Linden Park Demonstration
Tscharke Geraldine 9/02/1965 Wattle Park Teachers college 26/08/1966 Angaston

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Reeves Plains School Breakup Concert 1950
Reeves Plains School Breakup Concert 1950
Reeves Plains School Concert 1950
Reeves Plains School Concert 1950
Reeves Plains School Concert 1950
Reeves Plains School Concert 1950
Reeves Plains School Concert 1950
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School Sundial
School Sundial
Reeves Plain School   2009
Reeves Plain School 2009

Memories of Reeves Plains School

The Reeves Plains Tennis Club had courts adjacent to the school and in 1962 entered two teams, one in the Lower North Association and the other in Gawler River Association.This continued until 1966 when the club had only one team in the Gawler River Association.

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