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Redbanks Wesleyan Methodist Church

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Religious

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The foundation stone for the Wesleyan Methodist church was laid on 3rd October 1867 by Mrs T. Manuel. A quote from The South Australian Advertiser 21 September "The Wesleyans, with their usual go-ahead spirit, are about erecting a chapel in this township, Mr Manuel kindly giving an acre of land for that purpose" After witnessing the ceremony the assembled people moved into a booth where "a sumptuous tea was provded by the ladies. "Later a lecture titled Luther and the Reformation was given by Mr Flockart. A subscription was then made and liberally responded to,the total,including cash, promises,and value in land and labour all amounting to 146 pounds,16 shillings, 6 pence." quoted from S.A.Advertiser 15 Oct 1867

It is believed that there are several unmarked graves on this site most being children.

The church instigated a provisional school from 1788-1880 when the land was transferred to the Education Department. Children planted Pepper trees on the northern boundary and they are still there in 2012.

The church closed around the turn of the century but reopened and served the community prior to the new Methodist Church being built in 1934 on Lot 96 Germantown Rd. Red Banks. The Wesleyan Church building/school was located approximately 1 1/2 kilometres south of the township on the western side of Germantown Road. (The speedometer reading was taken from the Redbanks Methodist Church hall which is sited at the southern end of the bitumised road)

The building was demolished in c. 1949/50 and the limestone was used to build a Sunday School room onto the new Redbanks Methodist Church Hall in the township of Redbanks.

A cairn marks the site.

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