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Redbanks School

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government

Street name: Germantown
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Redbanks
Date established: 1879
Ceased operation: 1937
Business or purpose: Education
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The Redbanks Wesleyan Church was listed as opening a provisional school during 1879-1880. The land for the church was identified as Part Section 46 Hundred of Grace. It was documented on the 21st of December 1880 that the land was conveyed by Joseph Dix to the Minister Controlling Education.

In 1880 Redbanks was part of the Dublin School district, and no teachers' names or number of pupils were recorded until 1881, when Ada F. Langdon was listed. She taught until 1889. In 1891 the Board of Advice from Dublin recommended that the Redbanks school be closed. Mr Talbot and Mrs Matters pressured the Education Department into reopening the school and in September 1906 the Education Gazette reports Redbanks again as a new school. Miss McRae was the first teacher and the average attendance at school was 15 or 16 children. The school was made a class 9 in 1913, when Miss Rosalie K. Collins came as a teacher. She had a horse and buggy and boarded with Miss Bowler, the Korunye school teacher, in the Korunye school house. Miss Collins taught until the end of 1918 with an average of nearly 23 children, the largest attendance at Redbanks school. Lillian M. Adams taught 19 children in 1919. Redbanks School had a neat, well kept garden, each bed surrounded with stones. One lesson pepper trees were planted. The children who planted one each were Linda Wait, May Helps, Olga Leske, Bill Pritchard and Cyril Hall. These trees grew very slowly, as the ground is stony, but persisted, along with some native shrubs and some tall gums in tidy rows. In 1920 Miss Ellen Toole, a local girl, taught 18 children for five years. In 1937 the school was made a class 7 school and Miss Beatrice Higgins and Frank E. Fischer (a local teacher) shared the closing year. This building never opened as a school again.

Redbanks School Teachers

1881-1888 Ada R Langdon 1920-1924 Ellen Toole, a local girl
1889-1890 Harriette C. Ward 1925-1927 Edna M. Birchall
1891 School closed 1928-1932 Mary Fennessy
1906 School reopened 1933-1934 Gwyndoline M. James
1906-1909 Miss McRae 1935-1936 Kenneth H. Pearce
1910-1912 Pamela Tamblyn 1937 Beatrice C. Higgins
1913-1918 Rosalie K. Collins 1937  Frank E. Fischer
1919 Lilliam M. Adams 1937 School closed

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Red Banks Wesleyan Methodist Church and School Cairn
Red Banks Wesleyan Methodist Church and School Cairn

Memories of Redbanks School

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