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Redbanks Post Office

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business

Town or locality: Redbanks
Date established: 1868

Business or purpose: Postal Services
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The site of the first Red Banks Post Office was on low lying flat ground near the ford crossing over the River Light.

(It was upstream of where the bridge on Wasleys Road now crosses the River Light.)

In 1863 the first recorded mail from this Post Office was dispatched. On the site in 1873 was the Post Office run in conjunction with a changing station for the coach/passenger service operated by Mr. Barnard Angus. This service operated between Mallala and the Wasleys Railway Station.

The name of the first post master is not recorded but the land was owned by Thomas Cowan M.P. of Red Banks. For many years Mr Coombs of Two Wells carried the letters on horseback twice a week, from the Red Banks Post Office to meet Hill & Co's coach at Two Wells.

Steven Gale purchased part section 11, Hundred of Grace from Phillip Butler in 1873 but was renting this land earlier, using it as a blacksmith shop and post office. He is recorded as dispatching mail in November 1868. No record of payment is made, but it is noted that the letter post was now 3 times a week.

Steven Gale was the postmaster for 14 years and would have managed the parcel post for the Angus bus and waiting station.

In early 1904, the Advertiser stated in part that "Mr Barnard Angus was the successful tenderer with the Postal Services to run a daily service with a vehicle from Wasleys to Mallala for the period 1st February 1904 until 31st December 1907 for the sum of 50 pounds"

Eventually, due to the river floods, the post office was relocated to the township of Red Banks.

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