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RAAF Post Office

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government

Street name: Aerodrome
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1941
Ceased operation: 1946
Business or purpose: Postal Services at RAAF base, Mallala
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On 23 October 1941 a Post Office was established at the RAAF No. 6 Service Flying Training School.

Mr F.A. Ford was appointed Postmaster and Mr H.I. Wordley as Postal Clerk. Full Postal and Telegraph services were supplied. Mails were conveyed between the Air Force Post Office and the Mallala Railway Station by a member of the RAAF.

The Post Office closed on 23 May 1946 and alternate facilities were arranged.

  • Postal: Exchange of a free bag service, twice daily with the Mallala Post Office.
  • Telephone: One of the two existing multi coin telephones was retained and relocated closer to the men’s quarters.
  • Telegraph: The RAAF arranged for a 'dispatch rider' service. Telegrams were lodged at noon and 5pm daily.

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Memories of RAAF Post Office

Mr. Ray Earl recollects working at the Mallala Post Office in 1940-1941. He says; "The R.A.A.F. Air force base was being built, and gradually more personnel were living there. Prior to the opening of the post office at the RAAF Air force Base in October 1941, all the mail came through the Mallala P.O. Mr. Jack Ryan was the Post Master and I was the only assistant. I would ride my bicycle (at that time on a dirt road) to the RAAF Base twice a day to deliver and collect telegrams, and to empty the coin operated telephones. The telegrams were then sent on to their destination by Morse code. It was a very busy time at the Mallala P.O. and I would push a two wheeled cart to the railway station to deliver and then collect the numerous bags of mail. Eventually the RAAF personnel delivered their own bags of mail to the railway station. However with the additional families and workmen attached to the RAAF Base, the Mallala P.O. remained busy though out the war years and whilst the migrant camp was established at the Aerodrome."

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