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Opening of Windsor Institute

From Mallala
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The South Australian Register published the article on 7 January 1885

" The opening ceremony in connection with the Windsor Institute took place on New Year's Day. Mr. J.H. Bagster, MP for the district, in  response to the invitation of the committee, performed the ceremony of declaring the building open to the public,and a few well-chosen and appropriate remarks congratulated the Windsor people on having such a nice Institute.

Mr Simmons on behalf of the Treasurer, read the report,which showed the building had cost, with furniture and land, 485 pounds, all of which,excepting 27 pounds 12 shillings and four pence, was paid. There was cash in hand and promises which would reduce this liability to a small sum.

The building, which faces the Wallaroo road,whilst not over pretentious in its outward architecture, is a very neat design , being built of limestone, with cement dressings, and is capable of seating 250 persons. At one end is a platform extending the width of the building. on either side of the platform a room has been erected for the convenience of performers. The whole structure presents the appearance of durability. Light is supplied by means of four large windows, two on either side. Two handsome chandeliers, of three lamps each, supply light for evening meetings. Mr Burton is the contractor.

After the opening ceremony the programme of sports was gone through, on Mr Diment's property, kindly placed at the disposal of the committee.The committee had erected a large booth for refreshments, in which a good trade was done.

In the evening a concert was held in the new building, presided over by Mr J,H, Bagster MP. The room was uncomfortably packed, which caused the audience at times to be rather noisy. The babies were rather troublesome, giving the singers all their work to be heard. The whole concluded with a laughable farce by local talent, which would have gone well had the characters known their parts better.

The Chairman informed the audience that the proceeds of the day's business would be sufficient to clear the building of debt. Mr Simmons, the President, then thanked all who had so liberally helped the committee. "God Save the Queen" brought a successful picnic to a close."

The article lists the results the results of the sporting events and the full report is on file at the Mallala Museum.

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