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From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of person Group

The extent of nicknaming in and around Mallala might well have been above the national average. Here are a few examples- Howard Buttle ("Tommy"), Charles E. Carslake ("Strike"), William H. Coleman ("Tinker"), W. E. Coleman ("Nip" & "Jonah"), Samuel J. Crighton ("Barney"), Eric J. P. Earl ("Squib"), Ray G. Earl ("Corker"), the East brothers Frank O. ("Joe"), Oliver L. ("Buller"), Roy R. ("Pompy"), Ernest H. ("Sos"), Clem Hall ("Wink"), Les Jury ("Tiger"),  Herbert G. Lindsay ("Bob" & "Long'un"), Kenneth G. Lindsay ("Buzz & "Buster"), Vincent N. Martin("Digger"), Lionel Marshman ("Benny"), Edwin P. Pitt ("The Senator"), Oscar W. Pitt ("Dick"), Alec Pym ("Cool"), Dean H. Ross ("Danny"), W. J. Taylor ("Squizzy"), Robert S. Williams ("Curly").  

"Sos" East (who was quite a character with a quick sense of humour) had a pronounced stutter. It is said that, as a small boy, he was sent by his mother to the local butcher shop to buy a pound of sausages. But, the word "sausages" came out as "Sos...sos...sos...sos...ages" - and a lifetime nickname resulted. It has to be admitted that Mallala might have been outdone in the nicknaming stakes by Wasleys (a few miles east of Mallala). Every member of their football team had a nickname e.g. Silky, Kooka, Salty, Wampus, Chicken, Boozer, Rabbit, Snow, Dribbler.

Memories of Nicknames

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