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Mallala Police

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government
Street number: 10
Street name: Balaklava
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1875

Business or purpose: Police services
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The first PoliceStation was built on the present day site at 10 Balaklava Road

The original holding cells,which were completed in1879, are still standing.

On 12th October 1877 Third Class Trooper Thomas Stephen Tuohy was appointed as a police officer to Mallala. He resided in the newly built Mallala Methodist Manse with his new bride.The Government rented the building as it was the only accommodation available. The minister's study was used as the cell for the detenion of prisoners. On March 1878 he was promoted to Second Class Trooper  and soon after was he  able to take up residence at the Police Station.

It is reported in 'The Argus' on 17 February 1885 that 'The mounted constable at Mallala has discovered in an abandoned hut on Grace Plains a large amount of property, including 12lb weight of copper coin, a quantity of clothing, and miscellaneous articles and provisions. They are believed to be the remains of articles stolen some time ago.'

The name of the constable is not mentioned, and it is not until 1887 that the first recorded policeman, Mr T.S. Touhy is identified. Thomas Stephen Touhy, 6156, served at Mallala from 12 October 1887 until 3 November 1888.

From 9 November 1887, Touhy was joined by Charles Osborne Trounson, 2464, who continued at Mallala until 30 June 1888.

C.O. Trounson had been promoted from Mounted Counstable to Foot Police in 1885.

Police records show the station closed again on 11 July 1888, however Thomas Touhy is listed as serving the town until November of that year.

Information provided by the Police Community Affairs & Information Unit in 1978 states that following the 1888 closure, the station did not reopen until 1915, and the next recorded policeman is not identified until 1921.

Mounted Constables:
  • Millowick N.A. 14/7/1921 - 23/1/1924
  • Norman A Millowick, 5912, was later to be promoted to Inspector, and was the first O/C of the Western Division, when its heaquarters were established at Whyalla in 1944. Millowick street, in Whyalla, is named in remembrance of him.
  • Clark G. 22/1/1924
  • Barnes E.V.M. 29/6/1926
  • Stoke W.J. 22/11/1927
  • Makings S.J. 15/6/1931
  • Flenn T.C. 11/12/1933
  • Makings S.J. 22/9/1934
  • Armitage J.H.A. 5/4/1938
  • Nicholls G.W. 16/1/1941
  • Moore G.R. 24/7/1947
  • Hill K.M 27/7/1950
First Class Constables:
  • Barker E.B. 31/8/1956
  • Peters M.J. 20/5/1959
Senior Constables:
  • Droggemuller R/V. 24/1/1963
  • Roberts B.C. 3/12/1966
  • Morgan K.C. 1/11/1967
  • Yeo L.C. 15/2/1972


  • Mallala Museum research files
Thomas Stephen Touhy
Thomas Stephen Touhy
Charles Osborne Trounson
Charles Osborne Trounson
Norman A Millowick
Norman A Millowick

Memories of Mallala Police

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