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Mallala Institute Picnic 1890

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of event Celebration

Town or locality Mallala

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As reported in the Gawler Bunyip 1890

A picnic, which provided sports and entertainment, was held in aid of the local Institute on Wednesday last.

The sports were held on land lent by Mr. S, Churches, about a mile from the township; and although the day was fine the road was in a terrible state owing to recent rains.

There was an attendance of between 400 and 500 people,The proceedings were ably carried out, reflecting credit on the secretaries, who received every help  from their committee.

The Mallala Brass Band enlivened the proceedings throughout the day. The horse racing proved exciting, and in the hack race one of the horses fell, but no damage was done. In another equestrian event when a rider attempted the cleaving of a target the sword was damaged in the first cut, and when cutting into the second target  the sword became stuck.The horse was  pierced and the injury caused blood to flow freely.

In the evening an entertainment was held in the Institute. The hall was crowded long before the time to commence, and the President, Mr. Butler, occupied the chair.

Dancing was kept up until an early hour, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Popular Equestrian Events of the 1880's.

In the latter part of the 19th century  Military Tournaments and Pageants became

extremely popular in Great Britain. These events were designed to show the expertise

of mounted combat,demonstrating riding skills and prowess with lance and sabre.

It is of interest that this entertainnent had spread to the Colonies and was to be the forerunner of the modern Gymkana.


  • Gawler Bunyip 1890.

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Memories of Mallala Institute Picnic 1890

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