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Mallala Hotel

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Street number: 1
Street name: Adelaide
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1872

Business or purpose: Public hotel
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In 1872 Peter Farrelly built the present hotel, the first licensee being his sister Mrs Kelly.

A hotel business has continued to operate from that time, and in 2009 is still a prosperous business.

The licencees over this period were:

  • 1872-1874 KELLY J.J.
  • 1875-1877 TILLER George
  • 1877-10.6.1877 FARRELLY P.
  • 11.6.1877-8.6.1879 SCHIRMER Johannes
  • 9.6.1879-Dec 1879 REDDAWAY, George
  • Dec 1879-1880 BANKS E.
  • 1881-1886 CAMPBELL C.A.
  • 1886-12.9.1887 LAWRENCE Jas.
  • 13.9.1887-11.6.1888 NORTHWAY R.H.
  • 12.6.1888-1889 HEYNAN Gus.
  • 1890-1892 RICHARDSON C.R.
  • 1893-1894 JOHNSON W.H.
  • 1895-1909 HOWARD J.J.
  • 1910-1912 HORAN M.
  • 1913-27.1.1919 HARVEY Emma G.
  • 28.1.1919-3.8.1919 HARVEY William C.
  • 4.8.1919-22.2.1920 SHAW Thomas A. and Percy R.
  • 23.2.1920-13.10.1927 SHAW Thomas A.
  • 14.10.1927-4.3.1928 LANE John A.
  • 5.3.1928-20.1.1929 LIDDY John
  • 21.1.1929-1.9.1929 MORTIMER Edward J.
  • 2.9.1929-14.10.1941 McCORMACK Mrs. Ellen Agnes
  • 15.10.1941-18.1.1950 DAVIS David Stanley
  • 19.1.1950-14.9.1964 DAVIS David Stanley (died 14.9.1964) and Ellen Veronica
  • 15.9.1964-14.11.1964 DAVIS Ellen Veronica and Stanley John
  • 15.11.1964-14.3.1968 WILLIAMSON Lawrence Vincent & Carmel Imelda
  • 15.3.1968-8.4.1970 BROWNING Allan Gregory and Kay Hilary
  • 9.4.1970-17.1.1971 LOVEGROVE John Howard and Lola Joyce
  • 18.1.1971-23.9.1971 INGRAM Andrew Robinson
  • 24.9.1971-11.11.1973 INGRAM David
  • 12.11.1973-2.12.1973 INGRAM Jean Mary
  • 3.12.1973-5.10.1976 PERRYMAN Rodney Frank and Sylvia Veronica
  • 6.10.1976-8.10.1977 OLSON Colin Douglas and Patty Florence
  • 9.10.1977-22.10.1977 ARBON Mr. & Mrs.
  • 23.10.1977-14.7.1980 OLSON Colin Douglas and Patty Florence
  • 15.7.1980- KlNG Michael Lawrence and Carol Ann

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Mallala Hotel
A Passenger Service was provided by a coach and a team of horses
A Passenger Service was provided by a coach and a team of horses

Memories of Mallala Hotel

Backyard cricket is a very social event that occurs regularly during the warmer months with outside opposition. Setting with the mound,picket fence and seagulls emulates the Adelaide Cricket ground.

The Kings served seven years at the Mallala Hotel coming from a Burra Hotel to the township of Mallalla with four young children. The kitchen was not a practicle place to work in so a wall was soon pulled down and a steel railway girder was placed as the main beam to hold the walls up. Why I remember so well was the council came in for lunch when all this was happening and as no application was presented to council we were apprehensive when the councillors came out in the kitchen to have a look as to what was happening.

Wem were in the Mallala Hotel for seven years buying the freehold after working the hotel for three years. It was hard to give the time as we would have liked to our children but one of us tried to eat with the children at the evening meal. Accomation was a regulation that we were licenced to have even though the bedrooms were not the proper standard. But as their was not much else offering we accomadated, mainly men from the railways or telecom. That meant having to cook meals for them mainly from a set menu. Breakfast as well and with no staff it meant not being able to relate to the family. It was a love hate relation ship, but there were some special moments in the trade but it was also very trying. We involved ourselves with the varied sporting clubs in the community and that was an outlet with which all the family participated. Like most businesses we were on a roll for a few years but the longer we were their it was apparent that it was becoming stale and business was okay but not like it was in the first four years. We struggled on for the next few years and then put it on the market and did not having any trouble selling the Mallala Hotel.

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