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Mallala Bowling Club

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Sporting
Also known as: Mallala Bowling Club
Street number: 15
Street name: Joseph
Street suffix: Street
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1943

Business or purpose: Recreation
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On Friday 24 September 1943 a public meeting was held in the Mallala Institute by those persons interested in forming a lawn bowls club and 11 gentlemen were present. A decision was made at that meeting to proceed and form the Mallala Bowling Club.

An offer of two 1/4 acre blocks of land from a Miss Marshman was accepted. The membership for the first year, 1943, was 33. At the AGM in 1944 subscriptions were set at two guineas. The minimum age for membership was 25 years except service personnel, who were eligible at any age.

The drought in 1944 caused the South Australian Government to stop the use of water by sporting clubs. This caused the members much concern regarding the establishment of the new green but by gifts of water from local residents and a supply from the RAAF station, the green was kept alive and grew sufficiently to enable play on Saturday afternoons. The overhead lighting of the green in 1946 enabled playing of night bowls.

It was not until 1947 that teams from Mallala were admitted to the Wooroora Bowling Association; previous applications had been rejected and members told to learn to play bowls before they would be admitted. A solid construction club house was opened on 10 October 1950. This was much appreciated by the members who had used a marquee as a club house, purchased several years earlier from the RAAF station at Mallala.A request from the Education Department to use the club house as a classroom pending the erection of a new room at the Mallala public school was received and agreed to in 1952. This gave the Education Department use of the club house from 1 April to 30 September.

Ladies were given permission to use the greens for bowls during the 1951-52 season and later formed the Mallala Women's Bowling Club in 1955.

Two 1/4 acre blocks adjoining the original green were purchased, the last in 1958, thus the club was able to have two greens each of seven rinks. Extensions were made to the club house in 1965. New additions were made in 1970 including extensions to the kitchen and bar facilities were added. The club house was further enlarged and improved in 1980.

A tremendous amount of voluntary labour has been expended during the life of the bowling club, firstly in preparing the area, planting the greens and general maintenance of the club facilities.Water restrictions in recent years have lead to the greens being replaced with a synthetic surface.

Mallala Bowling Club prior to 1959
Mallala Bowling Club prior to 1959
Country Carnival winners-1
Country Carnival winners-1
Mallala Ladies Bowling Club Premiers 1969
Mallala Ladies Bowling Club Premiers 1969

Memories of Mallala Bowling Club

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