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From Mallala
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Now and Then is a community heritage wiki website created and maintained by the people of Mallala and district, South Australia. You are welcome to join and share your knowledge, memories and stories of Mallala and district. Create your account and join in!

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News from the Museum

Mallala Museum, 2009
Mallala Museum, 2009

A Gateway to the North

For History Month the Mallala Museum has highlighted the topic “A Gateway to the North”

Travellers into the area discover an array of place names. Many of these belonged to settlements where now only the remnants of their existence remain.

The Mallala Museum presents displays which illustrate aspects of life for those who ventured into the country. This wiki aims to tell the stories of these communities as they built these places to service their needs. These were fine achievements in the absence of reticulated water or provision of electricity.

Electricity supply In the “Register” a South Australian Newspaper on Friday 21 May 1926 it is reported “Mallala, May 19- the town is now in a happy position of being supplied with electricity. A number of residents assembled in the street on Monday evening to witness the switching on of the light.” see article:Electricity arrives

Water Supply Chronicle 8 Oct 1904 p14 "Sept 26 1904 - The pipe carters are busy carting pipes from the Barossa water track, from Mallala to Dublin."Water Supply

Horse Teams carting water pipes
Horse Teams carting water pipes

Then and Now

Parham wheat ketches
Parham wheat ketches
Bathers at Middle Beach
Bathers at Middle Beach
International Bird Sanctuary
International Bird Sanctuary
RAAF Base Mallala
RAAF Base Mallala
1950's at Mallala RAAF Base
1950's at Mallala RAAF Base

Mallala Museum on YouTube

Mallala Museum is now on Facebook

Mallala Museum on Facebook

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Visit other Now and Then sites

Willunga, South Australia

Ex Military Service Personnel 1895-2016

An initiative of Two Wells RSL members, Gary Tancock and John Allen, for the Adelaide Plains Council District and surrounding areas, to remember and acknowledge those who served and those who paid "The Ultimate Sacrifice"

The project records the details, service history and images of all from the area, who are known to have served since the Boer Wars.

The Mallala museum holds these records and invites you to check that they are complete and accurate. Any omissions will be gratefully received to be added to the collection

Find and share our historic images

Join us on Flickr to find more images of Mallala's history and share your own! Mallala Museum on Flickr

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