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Long Plains School

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government

Town or locality: Long Plains
Date established: 1883
Ceased operation: 1973
Established by: Mr and Mrs Mitchell
Business or purpose: Education
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The school was opened by Mr Mitchell, the first teacher in charge, on 28 May 1883, with the students enrolled from a radius of five miles.

The three terms were spaced with one week holiday between them until Christmas when two weeks were taken.

The pupils were divided into five classes with approximately 45 scholars in classes 3, 4, 5 which were taught by one teacher in a separate room to class 1 and 2. The lessons were reading, writing and arithmetic.

In the period 1918 to 1920 the main stone building was enlarged. One wall was demolished so that the room could be enlarged. The bricks, limestone and sand were brought by rail to the station and transported to the site by the male pupils to the school, mainly by horse and dray.

In 1956-57 a transportable classroom and porch was erected on the grounds under instructions by the Public Business Department, Education Branch. When the school was closed in 1973 this building was transported to Mallala to help accommodate the new students. This 1950s schoolroom has now been relocated to the Mallala Museum and houses its education collections.

The photograph of the sundial is included in the article because it recognises the closure of the Long Plains School. The sundial is installed at the Malalal School with engravings to show the distance, the date of closure and the direction of the school in relation to the Mallala School.

Register of Teachers in Charge Date of taking charge
James John Mitchell 1.6.1883
Annie Snell 1.1.1892
Charles James Henryfeah 30.9.1895
Leila Anne Jervis 13.3.1896
Alice Maude Anderson 17.1.1898
David Percy Beale 1.1.1899
Alfred Martin Stapley 22.1.1900
Mary Emmeline James 18.1.1904
Margaret Veronica Madigan 11.4.1904
Mary Emmeline James 16.1.1905
Lindsay Jean Stewart 30.1.1906
Doris Homesby Carter 29.10.1906
Czarina Elizabeth Whittington 23.1.1911
Ernest Anthoney 22.1.1912
Frederich George Lee 18.1.1915
Henry Bedford Duce 12.4.1915
Arthur J Johncock 8.11.1915
Murray J Stanley 1.2.1916
Margaret L Hall 1-12-1941
RusselI H Bennet 27.1.1942
Patrick Leo Fogarty 5.2.1942
Lionel Worrell 12.9.1950
Ian John Camac 14.7.1955
Ernst B. Heyne 10.2.1959
Howard E.Moller 24.5 1960
John P. Kerrin 1.4.1963
Neville Hatwell 4.2.1964
James D.Chant 9.2.1965
Trevor R.Bellchamber 23.3.1965
Ron Blackwell 7.2.1967
Gerald W. Roberts 10.2.1969
Jack Ripton 2.2.1970
J.L.Laracombe 4.2.1971
M.N.Martin 11.1.1973

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Memories of Long Plains School

All three Parker generations attended this school I was told that Alec and John Good were contracted to cart the building materials the mile from rail station to school.

Mr Mitchell was the teacher at the school conducted in the Dalkey Methodist chapel until his transfer to Long Plains. Mrs Mitchel was a sister of Robert Thomas Burt Daniel who donated the acre of land for school grounds.

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