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Lewiston Tennis Club

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Sporting

Street name: Pederick
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Lewiston
Date established: 1914
Ceased operation: 1948
Business or purpose: Recreation
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The inaugural meeting of the Lewiston Tennis Club was held in the school house on 28 August 1914. The courts were established on the property of Mr J. R. Lawrie adjoining the road now named Pederick Road about a half mile north of Lewiston School. A peppercorn rental was charged for the lease of the area which was reasonably level and well above the creek which in a wet year flowed across the road nearby. No large trees had to be removed, but quite a number of cotton bushes and boxthorns had to be grubbed. After removing the top growth the area was levelled largely with shovels and rakes.The next procedure was to use horses and tip-drays to cart a limestone marl from Mr H. J. Pederick's paddock for one court. This marl was levelled out and stamped hard to give a fairly even surface, but unfortunately when drying cracked rather badly. Netting was secured for the surrounds of the courts in September 1915 and play commenced. The first chairman in 1914 was Mr J. R. Lawrie and Miss Watson, the school teacher, the first secretary. When the club closed on 13 August 1918 for World War I all money in hand was given in support of `Queen of America,' and the wire netting around the courts taken down and rolled up. December 1919 was the next meeting to be called to re-open the courts. A new minute was passed - the age limit for members was to be 14 years and over.One more meeting was recorded on 24 August, presumably 1923, and minutes lapsed until 23 July 1925 where it is recorded the club be reformed. It was proposed the lease be taken out in the name of the committee and that rent be per acre, carried. It was decided the court opening to be on Eight Hours Day and Two Wells be invited. The president, Mr H. J. Pederick, to declare courts open.A meeting held on 23 September 1925 was the first mention of a proposal to join in rounds of matches with Angle Vale, Virginia, Reeves Plains, Korunye seconds and Two Wells seconds.The club continued the same until 1941 when the delegates were instructed to vote against playing in the association matches if petrol restrictions are still in force. Next meeting was held on 5 November 1945 to reform the club. A minute was recorded thanking Mr Hams in foregoing the rent during the war years. At a meeting held on 4 September 1947, the secretary was asked to notify the Adelaide Plains Association that owing to lack of members it was regretfully decided Lewiston would not have a team to play in association matches this season.A meeting held on 28 October 1947 proposed that Lewiston members join Two Wells Tennis Club as the basis of a second team and play under the name of Lewiston. A meeting held on 8 October 1948 proposed that the Lewiston Tennis Club should disband, the crockery, copper and cutlery to be donated to the Two Wells Bowling Club and the cash in hand be donated to the Kindergarten Building Fund.

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