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Korunye School

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government
Also known as: Paddy's Station School, Paddy's Bridge School

Town or locality: Korunye
Date established: 1897
Ceased operation: 1966
Established by: Mrs Thomas Verner
Business or purpose: Education
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The first primary school was started at Paddy's Station by the efforts of Mrs Thomas Verner. There were many children in the Paddy's Station area and Mr and Mrs Verner offered, if a teacher could be provided by the Education Department, a cottage on their property for the venue. All the families in the district supported her efforts and in 1897 Paddy's Bridge School was established. Miss Blanche O. Ayliffe was the first teacher.

In 1900, a stone school residence and schoolroom combined was erected by the Education Department on land donated by Mr Arthur Pratt. The cost of the building was £498, 6 shillings and 6 pence. Children attended the school from both sides of the river, German Town Hill Road, Reeves Plains, as far south as Mr Jack Secomb's, Mr Len Simpkin's and the Mallala road. In 1921 the name 'Paddy's Bridge' was changed to Korunye as was the bridge and railway station. When the school closed in 1966 the pupils were taken daily by Education Department bus to the Mallala School. The building still stands and is a private residence.

Paddy's Bridge School Records

Teacher in Charge Commenced Departed
Blanche Ayliffe 1897 1898
William J. Robertson 1900 1902
Lizzie Forsyth 1903
Jessie C. Miers 1904
Julius A. W. Kayser 1905
Mary E. Ahle 1906
Isidore H.P. Callier 1907 1908
Julius A.W. Kayser 1909
Lillian B. Hoar 1910
Mary A. Elwood 1911 1913
Mary Bowler 1914 1917
Gladys Lomman 1918 1919
Elizabeth T. M. O'Brien 1920
Elizabeth Morgan 1920
Hartel O. Robinson 1921 1923
William R. Burman 1924 1925
Dorothy Ashton 1926
Martha C. Retchford 1927 1929
B.J. Kearney 1930
Cyril G. Willis 1931
Thomas Partridge 1932 1938
Ernest K. Stevens 1939 1940
John D. Hutley 1941 1944
Ivor H. Jury, RAAF 1944
John D. Hutley 1945 1948
Margaret Kitto 1948
Frank S. C. Day 1949 1952
Brian Koerner 1953 1957
Vytautus Patupas 1958 1959
Edward J. Worrell 1960 1962
T.J. Weste 1963
Peter Buckley 1964
Grantley Sims 1964 1966

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Memories of Korunye School

M says:

I was one of the kids at Korunye Primary when it finally closed. I think there were only 6 or seven of us left. Apart from Reading, Writing and Arithmatic, one of my duties as a primary school student was to sometimes turn on the electric stove in the schoolmaster's residence and warm up his lunch ! This did not prevent me getting the cane from time to time.

N says:

Korunye School children travelled to school on bicycle,on horseback and on foot from the surrounding farms. My husband recalled the boys sometimes holding horseraces in the paddock during their lunch hour. The annual Concert was always a big event in the school year and was held in the Redbanks Hall.

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