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Jubilee General Store

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Also known as: Wordens Store, Pyms, Robinsons, Seven Stars Cafe
Street number: 7
Street name: Wasleys
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established:
The date "c. 1870" was not understood.

Business or purpose: General Store
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The 'Jubilee' General Store was built at 7 Wasleys Road by Mr Ebeneezer Hastwell prior to 1870. Mr.T. E. Fisher was known as the manager of Hastwell & Sons saddlery business and purchased it in November 1882.

In 1893 the store was owned and operated as a joint venture by Weddell and Dunstan.

Mr A Dunstan became the owner in 1895 and operated the store for 21 years. He took his wares in a horse drawn buggy to the local farms and travelled out of the district as far as Wasley. 

The store was sold  to Woolcock, Worden & Co. in 1914.

It then became known as 'Wordens Store'. Mr Woolcock continued the visits to the farms and on to Wasleys.

Mr A. Pym purchased the store from Woolcock, Worden & Co. in c. 1948 and managed it until 1974 when he retired to Adelaide.

In January 1974 Mr D Day became the owner. When in 1977 Mr Simpson became owner the store was renovated and it traded in drapery and hardware. In 1987  Mr and Mrs Burman became the next owners. Mrs Robinson closed the store in 2001.

After several years as a private home, the shop reopened as the Seven Stars Cafe. This venture only operated for a short time before closing, and the building is again a private home.


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Weddell and Dunstan Store at Mallala
Weddell and Dunstan Store at Mallala
Wordens Shop
Wordens Shop
Wordens  Staff
Wordens Staff
Pyms store
Pyms store

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