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Historic Cairns

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Town or Locality: Mallala
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In 2005 the Mallala and District Historical committee researched locations around the district where buildings of importance once stood.

With financial assistance from the District Council of Mallala Partnership Program a builder Mr Irvine Smyth was employed and seven cairns were built. The committee researched dates and information which was inscribed on a plaque placed on each cairn.

Historic Cairn: Grace Plains Methodist Church

Historic Cairn: Brick Kiln

Historic Cairn: Migrant Camp

Historic Cairn: Moquet Lee Reserve

Historic Cairn: Butler Station

Historic Cairn - Stony Point School

Historic Cairn: Grace PLains Primary School

Historic Cairn: Korunye Recreational Park

Historic Cairn: Korunye School

Historic Cairn: RAAF 6 SFTS - Mallala

Historic Cairn: Red Banks Methodist Church

Historic Cairn: Red Banks Post Office

Historic Cairn: Red Banks School

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