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Feltwell Cemetery

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Also known as: part section 570
Town or Locality: Hundred of Grace
Year of first land title: 1869
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The land for the cemetery site was acquired in two stages. An acre of land, identified as part section 570 in the Hundred of Grace, was purchased from Edward Amand Wright with the certificate of title issued on the 28th September 1869. It was entrusted to a group of men who were the trustees of the Feltwell Primitive Methodist Chapel. On the 29th December 1941 the trustees of the Mallala Methodist Church transferred the title to the District Council of Mallala.The second piece of land was added when the sale and transfer of another part section of 570 took place on 20th August 1976. The 1.2ha of land was bought from Ernest George Wesley Earl and increased the area of the cemetery to1.6ha.

During Word War 2 a dedicated section of the Feltwell Cemetery saw the establishment of 12 grave sites which honour the men of the RAAF. The fenced garden area has two capped pillars standing either side of the entrance and one of the attached bronze plaques is enscribed with the following message.


"When the second World War ended in 1945, the total number of Australians serving the RAAF was 154,511, of whom 137,208 were serving in the South West Pacific theatre, the majority of these aircrew and support personnel were based and trained at a number of Airforce training establishments scattered throughout Australia. During the second World War the RAAF had some 6,200 personnel killed in action.

During the second World War, 1939-1945, the No6 Service Flying Training School of the Royal Australian Airforce was based at Mallala.

The Mallala War Cemetery contains 12 war graves, all of which honour men of the RAAF. Most of those buried here died in air training accident."

A stone with a plaque identifies the Feltwell Chapel and School as former organisations which had existed at the cemetery site.

In 2004 a Memorial wall was erected to inter the ashes of a family member.

The signage "FELTWELL CEMETERY" was constructed by Basset Welding and Fabrication, Lewiston in 2005.

 It seems appropriate to add the following information:

The name Feltwell occurs as a village in Suffolk, England which derives  from the Old English felt, a name of a plant and  wella- spring

The 1 acre of land was obtained for the consideration of the sum of five shillings sterling and was transferred to the trustees John Standrin of TwoWells, a Minister, John Forby; Joseph Miles; Thomas Lewis; John Jeffries and Job Pratt all of the Hundred of Grace  Mallala Farmers.

The names of the trustees were changed in a document  on 9th January 1900 and the new trustees were William Robinson Stephenson; Alfred Vawser; Frederick Vawser; John Jenkins  and George Weatherall Lindsay.

When the land was transferred to the District Council of Mallala the current trustees were John Henry Neild; William Thomas Shapley and William Orange Harris who were  Methodist Ministers residing in Adelaide. The Mallala Council undertook to assume  all the responsibilities of the cemetery for no monetary consideration.



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  • The Mallala Museum maintains a database of burial details for the cemeteries in the District. Please contact the museum if you are seeking information on a specific cemetery record.
Feltwell Cemetery circa 1947
Feltwell Cemetery circa 1947
Feltwell Cemetery 2010
Feltwell Cemetery 2010
Feltwell Cemetery
Feltwell Cemetery
The entrance to an area at the Feltwell Cemetery
The entrance to an area at the Feltwell Cemetery
Mallala War Cemetery at Feltwell
Mallala War Cemetery at Feltwell
Feltwell Cemetery sign
Feltwell Cemetery sign

Memories of Feltwell Cemetery

The death of 3 of the first trustees of the Feltwell Chapel made it necessary to update the documentation. Job Pratt died on 25th August 1884 John Jeffries died on 14th September 1890 John Standrin died on 11th December 1897

In 2006 the Mallala KESAB Committee decided to research the unmarked graves in the old part of Feltwell cemetery and mark them in some way. Volunteers made cement blocks with a sloping face and plaques were adhered to the blocks. Only the information on the burial records at the office of the District Council of Mallala was used on the plaque.

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