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East Bros. Brick Kiln

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Also known as: Mallala Brick Works Limited
Street name: Wasleys Rd.
Town or locality: Mallala

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In the early 1950s Macklin and Page started a company with the Brick Works situated near the River Light at the eastern end of Wasleys Rd as it turns to go down to the bridge over the river.

The clay was of good quality and although only a small brick making operation, the bricks made were of a high standard.

In the early 1960s East Bros purchased the brick works and employed the qualified workman.

In the early to mid 1960s a few homes were built in Mallala using these bricks.

An example is at No 8 Dublin Rd where the house is completely built of the bricks. Next door at No 10 Dublin Rd, Basket Range stone has been used for the front facade and the brick for the remainder of the home.

The same procedure has occurred at 1 Elizabeth St and also the house at the corner of Wasleys Rd and Elizabeth St. Mallala. These four homes were built by the same building contractors, W. Cook & Sons Pty. Ltd.  of Payneham S.A.

In 1964 W. Cook and Son built an addition to the rear of the Mallala Methodist Church (now Uniting Church) and used bricks from the Mallala Brick Works.

East Bros operated the Brick Works from the early 1960s until 1970 when it closed as a business. Renmants of machinery remained on the site for many years, but the area is now cleared and is private property. 

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