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Dublin Cemetery

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Town or Locality: Dublin
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The District Council of Dublin decided on the 30th December 1876 that a cemetery be "laid out".

In December 1878 the renumeration of the Curator was 7 pounds and fifteen shillings for each quarter of the year.The next year on the 4th August 1879 a recommendation was made that trees be planted in the cemetery grounds.

Mr.Carrier was the appointed curator in October 1887 and the costs for grave digging was 1 pound for adults and fifteen shillings for children under 12 years of age.

In January 1892 Mr Percy Huxtable was the curator and his payment was 2 pound 10 shillings each month.

In 2003 a Memorial Wall was erected for the interment of ashes.

The name "DUBLIN CEMETERY"was built by the business Bassett Welding & Fabrication, Lewiston and installed 2005.


The information pertaining to the history of the cemetery is limited and the Dublin History group will endeavour to take on the research for more information 

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  • "Dublin South Australia Yeasterday & Today" Vol1 Researched by the Dublin History Group
The Entrance Signage at the Dublin Cemetery
The Entrance Signage at the Dublin Cemetery
An area of graves at the Dublin Cemetery
An area of graves at the Dublin Cemetery
Dublin Cemetery
Dublin Cemetery

Memories of Dublin Cemetery

On visiting old family graves in the cemetery recently it was a comfort to find the area cared for and tidy. The new Dublin Cemetery entrance sign adds a welcome to the area. Many years ago the District Council of Mallala gardener and interested persons planted native trees and shrubs around the perimeter of the cemetery and these are now well grown and make the area attractive. September 2010

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