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District Council of Mallala

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Government
Also known as: Originally District Council of Light

Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1935

Business or purpose: Local Government Services
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In May 1935 the District of Grace was amalgamated with the Districts of Dublin and Port Gawler and was named the District Council of Light. This was not a popular name and in 1937 it was renamed the District Council of Mallala.

The first meeting of the District Council of Light was held at Mallala on 8 May 1935 and councillors from the previous councils present were: A.D. Prime, C.G. Thompson, C.P Smith, J.W. Good, S.R. Good, E.A. Brooks, L.L. Wasley, E. Green, S.R. Irish, A.H. Loller, Wilson, P.J. Brady, E.P. Pitt, A.G. Turner and F.R. Williams. Cr A.D. Prime was elected chairman. A secret ballot was held and A. Driscoll was elected acting clerk to hold office until the new council met in July. The District Council office was to be held in Mallala.

On 8th June 1935 nominations were called for the eight wards of the District Council of Light and the election was held on the 6th July 1935. After the election the council comprised of the following members; Barabba Ward: Cr.E.P. Pitt, Dublin Ward: Cr. A.D.Prime, Grace Ward: Cr.S.R.Good,Light Ward: Cr L.L.Wasley,Long Plains Ward: Cr. J.W.Good, Mallala Ward: Cr S.R.Irish, Red Banks Ward: Cr. A.H Loller, Two Wells Ward: Cr.E.A.Brooks. The Council appointed A.L. Driscoll as the District Clerk and elected Cr.E.A.Brooks as Chairman.

Some early issues before Council:

Following the amalgamation of the three councils, it was decided to let the Dublin Council Chambers to the Dublin Institute Committee and Port Gawler Council Chambersto the local branch of the RSL.

In 1938 the council received a request to take over the Mallala People's Park and the Two Wells Memorial Park.

The commonwealth Crown Solicitor advised Council in1939 that the Government had acquired various sections of land to be used as an aerodrome under the Compulsory  Acquisition Act and no rates would be payable. The Highways department bitumised the road to the Aerodrome.


Councillors received an increase in their travelling allowance for meetings, from 2 pence to 6 pence a mile.

Council in 1943 had a request from the military for the use of the reservation of the foreshore from Port Parham to the northern boundary of the district, for the purpose of military defence to which this was agreed.

The council held a demonstration in 1947 of their roadmaking machinery at Reeves Plains, as it was one of the most modern plants of that time.

Early in 1948 there was a huge fire which destroyed a large part of the northern area, mainly in the Long Plains district, destroying miles of fencing, haystacks and feed.


The Two Wells to Mallala road was bitumenised in the year 1952.

New council chambers were commenced being built in 1953 and were officially opened in 1954.

The RSL building was built on Mallala Park as was a new toilet block in 1954-56.


The aerodrome closed.

An area school was proposed for Mallala and while approval was granted, it did not proceed and was eventually abandoned in 1962.

Council joined the Underground Water Preservation Act Committee to control the use of water in the water basin of Adelaide Plains. The natural gas pipeline was laid through the eastern side of the council area.

Council released the Barabba Recreational Park to a committee formed for that purpose and also took control of the Shannon and Grace Plains cemeteries. It bought the old mill building from the East Brothers; this was eventually used for the historical museum.


In 1970 the new bridge on the Gawler road was completed and council formed the road from Mallala to the bridge with Road Grant monies.

Mallala Council appointed its first overseer in 1977 by which time the workload had increased to justify a full-time overseer. Later the number of staff needed to serve council increased and larger premises were required. Council extended the office building and purchased the former Westpac Bank.

Further space was required and in 2003 a transportable office was installed in the Redbanks Road parking area.

The district is divided into wards with 10 Councillors and a Chairman appointed to serve the community.

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Council Map
Council Map
District Council of Light
District Council of Light
Council Chambers
Council Chambers
Mallala Council Chamber
Mallala Council Chamber
Council Chambers
Council Chambers
Council Office
Council Office

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