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Commercial Bank of Australia

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Street number: 2
Street name: Redbanks
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1910
Ceased operation: 1982
Business or purpose: Banking services
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The Mallala branch of the Commercial Bank of Australia was opened on 17 January 1910 at 2 Redbanks Road, and operated until 9 June 1978 from a building consisting of one main room with a small room attached at the rear.

The local traders, farmers and residents regarded the bank as a much needed asset which assisted with the financial management of their personal and working lives. As customers they were able to withdraw money to pay wages and bills. It was a convenient facility for people to make savings and transact loans for purchasing houses, farmland and machinery.

Demolition of the old building commenced on Saturday 10 June 1978. The Manager Mr Don Hassam was overseer of the work in progress which was the building site for the new bank, the demolition of the first bank and then later the merger. Adjacent to the old premises a new building had been erected and on 13 June 1978 it was officially opened by the State Manager, Mr M. Mephan. Mr O. Pitt, who had been the first customer in 1910, was given the honour of cutting the ribbon. Mrs Lorraine Earl was the first customer to make a transaction in the new building.

On 1 October 1982, the Bank of New South Wales and the Commercial Bank of Australia merged to become Westpac Savings Bank. Westpac Bank closed for business at Mallala on 26 September 1997. The Bank Managers were:
1909 Mr J H Webb
1910 Mr.E A Warren
1911 Mr N P Loudon
1912 closed
1914 Mr F T Dawson
1920 Mr O G Witcomb
1921 Mr A A Wilson
1924 Mr E F Paech
1927 Mr.L G Kappe
1933 Mr C S Carson
1935 Mr W L F Weir
1951 Mr D W W Hall
1954 Mr T D Axford
1955 Mr W F Moon
1959 Mr W H Lamerton
1961 Mr J A Inglis
1963 Mr K C Winter
1968 Mr B C MIller
1971 Mr G L Hannaford
1972 Mr D P Nash
1978 Mr D Hassam

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Memories of Commercial Bank of Australia

Marcus remembers: Lucia Vanzini recalls old hitching post in front of the Commercial Bank where has it been relocated?

Margaret T remembers: The person in the photograph, featuring the inside of the bank, is Alex who received the Teddy Bear as a first birthday present. Thanks to his mother Mrs Boril that the Mallala Museum has these memories.

GJG remembers: The Teller's desk from the Mallala Branch of the CBA Bank is now a valued exhibit at the Mallala Museum.

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