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Camera, WW1

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Also known as Vest Pocket Kodak Camera
Type of thing Military
Date made or found 1914
Place used Middle East
Current location Mallala Museum
Used in Photographs of World War 1 in Middle East
Ceased use 1918

The WW1 Camera is an exhibit in the Mallala Museum. It was marketed as the Popular Vest Pocket Kodak. The camera was donated by Driver David Moody No.16308, 3rd Australian Motor Transport Company, Australian Army. The Museum has no photographs taken by this camera.

Australia's Official War Correspondent Charles Bean captured the drama of combat through his journalistic skills and Australian readers were eager to know what was happening to their loved ones. The photographs sent back to families by soldiers and published by newspapers became another means to learn about these far away places where relatives lived and died.

The museum displays a collection of dramatic photographs taken by Trooper David Crighton, who served in the 9th Light Horse Regiment. The images displayed were photographed during his WW1 service in the Middle East.


  • Margaret Sands permitted the Museum to copy the photographs
Kodak Pocket Vest Camera
Kodak Pocket Vest Camera
Driver D.A. Moody
Driver D.A. Moody
WWI Front line
WWI Front line
Kodak Pocket Vest Camera
Kodak Pocket Vest Camera

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