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Boer War Soldiers Return

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of event Celebration

Return Home for a Boer War Trooper

Street suffix Mallala Institute
Date occurred or began June 7, 1901

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There was a crowded attendance in the Mallala Institute on Friday evening, when Trooper R. House, of the S.A. Bushmen's Corps, was welcomed home. The Hon. R. Butler (Treasurer) presided.

Other soldiers present were Corporal Fenwick, and Troopers Churches, Lovelock and Ford (Bushmen's Contingent), and Troopers Cook and Payne (Second and Imperial contingents respectively).

Congratulatory speech-making was indulged in, and a dance followed.

During the evening a presentation was made to Trooper House, and vocal and instrumental items were rendered by the Misses J. Harris, L. Farrelly, Turner, Mellor, Messrs. D. Butler, C. Coghlan, C. Calmon, G. Angus, and Stoat, and the school children.

A most enjoyable evening was spent.

The Bushmens Corps had departed the previous year, after a farewell concert held at the Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition Gardens on 3 March 1900.

The Troopers identified in the above excerpt are listed below:

Second (South Australian Mounted Rifles) Contingent

Departed: 26 January 1900

Returned: 12 May 1901

COOK William Arthur, promoted to Corporal.

(The Second Contingent, identified with Trooper William Arthur Cook, is noted for another Trooper, Harry "The Breaker" Morant)

Third (South Australian Bushmen's) Contingent

Departed: 27 February 1900

Returned: 25 June 1901

CHURCHES A.E. Trooper, Slightly wounded at Ottoshoop 12 September 1900, from Mallala District

FORD J. Trooper, Severely wounded at Uitralskop 2 March 1901; Invalided to Australia

LOVELOCK Christopher Silas Rawson, Trooper, Severely wounded at Uitralskop 2 March 1901; Invalided to Australia

HOUSE R.J., A driver, aged 28 from Mallala SA, born in Redbanks; next of kin father, 1 year 120 days; 3rd SA Contingent.

FENWICK William Edward, Lance Corporal Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 16 April 1901; invalided to Australia.

Fourth (South Australian Imperial Bushmen) Contingent

Departed: 1 May 1900

Returned: 27 July 1901

PAYNE John Rudolph Stuart, Trooper, Invalided to Australia arriving 12 Apil 1901.


Memories of Boer War Soldiers Return

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