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Bethesda Church

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Religious
Also known as: Bethesda Chapel
Street number: Section 205 Corner of Dawkins Rd
Street name: Bethesda
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Hundred of Port Gawler
Date established: 1855
Ceased operation: 1947

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Bethesda Church at Lewiston was originally a Bible Christian Chapel on the south eastern corner of Section 205, Hundred of Pt Gawler. One acre of land was purchased from Mr William Frost for 5 pounds. The original trustees were: Messrs Hugh Steven, Phillip Ridgeway, James Easton, James Clements, George Wherry, Samuel Frost and William Frost. The chapel was part of the Gawler Circuit and one of 13 chapels on the preaching plan by the mid 1870's. In 1897 Bethesda became part of the Virginia Circuit.  Following church union in 1900 it became a Methodist Church and in 1910 a Sunday School room was added to the rear of the church. The stone was procured from Mr A E Green's quarry and the tender by Mr A K Halliday to build the room was accepted. The total cost of the building was 50 pounds 7 shillings.

At a meeting on 20 January 1929 it was reported by the minister that all original trustees were dead and so nominations were called for new trustees.

In 1929 the adjoining cemetery was resurveyed and new charges initiated.

The Bethesda Church was closed in September 1947.

A final meeting of the trust was held on 21 August 1953 with those present being Rev. E Miller and Messrs A H and F H Frost. It was decided that being in accordance with the constitution of the Methodist Church, the District Council of Mallala be asked to take over the land and the cemetery. In 1954 a final service was held and the building subsequently demolished. The better quality stone was later used in the building of the Sunday School hall on the Methodist Church land at Drew Street  Two Wells. 

On the 29th October 1989, a stone cairn with plaque was unveiled on the Bethesda site by Mrs Edie Pederick and dedicated by the Rev Ken Maher. Many former Lewiston residents gathered for the unveiling of the cairn followed by a luncheon and reunion at the Two Wells Church.



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