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Barabba Recreation Park Committee

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Community Service

Town or locality: Barabba
Date established: 1927
Ceased operation: 1966
Business or purpose: Recreation Park Management
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When the area for public use was laid out for the township of Aliceberg, later called Barabba, a piece of land was set aside as parklands, for use by sporting bodies.

A cricket oval was developed and tennis courts were laid out as well as a wood and galvanised roofed shed for use by the people who used the sporting facilities.

In the early part of 1927 when there was a suggestion of forming a football team, it was decided to approach the District Council of Grace, with a request that the people of Barabba should be allowed to control the parklands.

On 25 May 1927, following the consent of Council, Mr A.P. Wilson, councillor for the Barabba ward, District Council of Grace, convened a public meeting in the Barabba church hall. It was decided that there be a committee of seven formed, including the councillor for the ward. The first committee members were Messrs D.J. Wilson, J.D. Dow, J.D. Campbell, R. Hoskin, J.A. Campbell, E. Munday, with the councillor for Barabba ward.

Several committee meetings were held during the first year, when it was decided to call for donations or subscriptions. It was moved that any person who contributed 5/- should have a vote at the election of committee members and each additional 5/- should entitle them to a further vote.

The first public function to help raise funds for the park was on Easter Saturday 1928 when a cricket match was arranged with a visiting team.

The Barabba Recreation Park Committee continued to be active until the early years of World War II when the annual meetings were not held. After the war's end the committee was again revived and regular meetings were again held without much activity until 1963, when the whole committee was reorganised and a general meeting was held to reform the park committee. Mr E. Munday resigned as secretary-treasurer after 35 years of loyal service.

Some improvements were urgently needed to the park and Messrs J. McCabe, B. Jarvis and W.G. Wilson approached the local councillor for help from the council to make the improvements. Also the new regulations were enforced regarding toilet facilities and a new toilet block had to be built. The district was canvassed for donations of money and the proper facilities were built. Also a new lease was negotiated with the district council for a lease of 21 years. The last meeting of the Barabba Recreation Park committee was held on 25 July 1966.

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