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Barabba Football Club

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Sporting

Town or locality: Barabba
Date established: c. 1927
Ceased operation: c. 1930
Established by: Barabba Community
Business or purpose: Sport
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A general meeting was held in the Barabba school room on Tuesday 14 June 1927 to discuss whether some form of sports could be played at Barabba during the winter months.
Mr A. H. Wall was elected chairman of the meeting with Mr J. P Trainer as the minute secretary. It was proposed by Mr E. Munday and seconded by Mr J. P Collins that Barabba form a football club and get a team together to play football against neighbouring clubs. The general meeting was then closed and the people present formed themselves into another and proceeded to elect the officers and committee to start the club. Mr E. Munday was elected president, Messrs A. H. Wall, E: Sorrell and J. D. Campbell were elected vice presidents and Mr J. P Trainer treasurer and secretary. Practice captain was Mr A. H. Wall; vice captain was Mr D. J. Wilson.
The colours chosen for the guernseys and shorts were navy blue and either sky blue or royal blue with white shorts. The first subscription for membership was 5/- per member. Thirty-four men and boys were elected to be members of the club.
A working bee was arranged for the last Saturday in June 1927, with a practice afterwards. Mr J. J. McCabe volunteered to find out the distance in length between the goal posts. It was found that the oval had to be lengthened and quite a number of trees had to be grubbed out to obtain the required area.
No further meetings were held until 19 April 1928, when most of the officers were re-elected except that Mr E. Sorrell was elected secretary. After some discussion it was agreed to try to enter a team in the Gilbert Football Association. Also it was decided to seek some help from Hamley Bridge to obtain several more players to make up the team. The meeting was then adjourned until after the association's delegates meeting to which two members of the club were sent as delegates.
The meeting was resumed two weeks later when it was proposed A. H. Wall, seconded E. Sorrell that Barabba go ahead with plans to enter a team in the association of Gilbert and some players be obtained from Hamley Bridge.
The annual subscription was reduced to 2/6. Mr George Lindman joined the club and was appointed captain. He was a lightly built man and played in black canvas sandshoes. Mr A. H. Wall was appointed vice captain and matches were played during the next two years. In 1929 the club ran into financial difficulties and had to levy each member 3/- to repay the expenses of the club.
At the annual meeting held on 3 April 1930 a resolution was passed that the club go into recess and that Messrs E. Munday, D. Healy and A. Wall be trustees of the club's property until such time that the club could be reformed. The books and some equipment were placed in the custody of the president. The club has never been reformed.

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