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Barabba Cricket Club

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Sporting

Town or locality: Barabba
Date established: 1873
Ceased operation: 1976
Business or purpose: Cricket Club
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The first records of a cricket club being formed in the district was at Barabba in October 1873 when a meeting to form a club was called, possibly by Mr James Dow. The first matches were played on a piece of land which was the last of the present oval reserve on section 311 Hundred of Grace. Then the club moved to a piece of land on Mr James Dow's property south of his house.

In 1888 the club was given permission to clear land for an oval on the reserve whicn was south of the surveyed town of Aliceberg (Barabba) and this area became the place where all  the sporting clubs played matches. The first match was played against Grace Plains. There is no record of the scores.

In 1874 the club had 38 members. Some members must have travelled long distances for a game of cricket. In 1877 it was decided to wear special caps of blue and white but it was only possible for two caps to be purchased in that colouring. The captain and secretary had the two special caps and the remainder of the team had plain blue caps.

There were several brothers named Dyer playing in the early days of the cricket club. They were considered good cricketers and also excelled at other sports. One brother, Mr Robert Dyer, later played for the South Adelaide cricket team and participated in several interstate matches. He also played one game against a visiting English team during the period from 1894 and 1895. 

Mr Richard Butler, played for Barabba in 1907 and 1908 as a fast bowler. He was later to became a notable figure in the State when he entered politics and became Premier of South Australia.

During the years before World War I Barabba  played cricket in the Federal Cricket Association and the the membership comprised of the following clubs: Alma Plains, Barabba, Boundary, Grace Plains, Owen. Later they played in the Lower Gilbert Cricket Association made up of teams from Hamley Bridge, Stockport, Tarlee, Alma, Barabba, Giles Corner. The membership was altered when Giles Corner withdrew and Wasleys was admitted and then several years before World War II Owen became a new inclusion in the  association.

Barabba had acricket team from 1874 until 1975 with the exception of the time of the two World Wars when the club went into recess.

Barabba Cricket Club played for many years in the Lower Gilbert Cricket Association and Barabba maintained a cricket team until the early 1970s. In 1974 Barabba amalgamated with Owen and cricket was played for several years as the Owen-Barabba cricket team. This  combined team was runner up in the Lower Gilbert Cricket Association in season 1974-75 and won the final in 1975-76. After that year the name of Barabba was not associated with a cricket club playing in the district.

A hundred years of cricket is a great achievement for the Settlement of Barabba.

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Barabba Cricket Club
Barabba Cricket Club

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