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Andrew Leonard Driscoll

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of person Individual
Place of birth Dublin S.A.
Principal occupation District Clerk (C.E.O.) Local Govt.
Date of death
The date "c. 1954" was not understood.
Place of decease Mallala

A. L. Driscoll was District Clerk (C.E.O.)and Overseer of Works of the District Council of Grace until 1935, and then of the newly-formed District Council of Light (re-named  Mallala) from 1935 to 1954, when he died in the Mallala Hospital, which he had worked hard to help establish.

During his period of office,he, among other things,was instrumental in building up a strong Council road-making plant and for making a strong case to the State Government for financing the construction of the sealed road from Mallala to Two Wells, which, sadly, was not completed before his death.

His home was in Aerodrome road, a few doors away from the old Council Office. He was active in the community and was noted for his public-speaking ability and his deep sense of humour. He served on the Mallala Institute Committee for some 33 years.He was also  active in local government circles generally, and served on the Committee of the Local Government Officers' Association for many years.

The photograph displayed of the councillors of the District of Grace includes Andrew Driscoll the District Clerk.

Andrew Driscoll is in the back row on the right.

The photograph displayed of the newly formed District Council of Light in 1935, includes Andrew Driscoll who was the elected District Clerk.

Andrew Driscoll is in the front row on the left.

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Memories of Andrew Leonard Driscoll

His son, Darcy, served in the Council office as a Junior Clerk before becoming District Clerk at Clare and later Stirling.

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