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Algar's Bakery Shop

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Type of organisation: Business
Street number: 5
Street name: Wasleys
Street suffix: Road
Town or locality: Mallala
Date established: 1933
Ceased operation: 1979
Established by: Arthur Weatherill
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In 1933 Mr Arthur Weatherill built the Bakery shop at 5 Wasleys Road.

The shop was managed by Arthur's daughter Doreen, and her husband Ted Algar. Mr & Mrs Algar later purchased the business and house.

In 1941 the RAAF Training Base had been established at Mallala and the Algars could see the need for bigger premises, and so the Bakery Shop was renovated.

The adjoining Billiard Saloon of Mr Weatherill was demolished, and a new shop was built on the site accessible to the Bakery Shop.

It opened as a 'Tea Room' serving morning and afternoon teas and light luncheons. It provided a place for servicemen and their wives and friends to relax and socialise away from the base.

The years were busy for the Algar family and staff as the bakery provided bread, pies and pasties etc. to the RAAF station to cater for the 2,000 personnel.

The bakery supplied 72 dozen pies and pasties daily, plus 100 dozen pastries were sold by a vendor at the main entrance gate each evening.

The Tea Rooms closed c. 1946, and the Algar family relinquished the Bakery Shop in 1979 when it was offered for lease and eventually sold in 1989.

Various leasees operated a Takeaway / Deli on these premises. with the business premises and adjoining house owned by Mr & Mrs Ray Coleman. Today the business continues to thrive as Bellies takeaway.

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Algar's Bakery Shop
Algar's Bakery Shop
Algars Bakery Shop
Algars Bakery Shop
Inside Algars Shop
Inside Algars Shop

Memories of Algar's Bakery Shop

Does anyone remember the Billiard saloon? I believe there were several in the town at different periods

I remember Mrs Algar as a fastidious shop keeper who would be out every morning sweeping the footpath and cleaning the shop window always with her full length apron on. As a school child during the years of World War 2, I remember the RAAF personnel, wives and visitors who enjoyed refreshments in Mrs Algar's tea room. I also remember the yummy bread baked daily at Algars bakery.

I remember Mr Tom Whitbread collecting the milk and bread from the shop and delivering them to the Aerodrome.

Do you remember Algar's Bakery Shop ? Then Join up and add your memory here.

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