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Seven Stars Hotel Building

From Mallala
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Fast Facts
Also known as: Seven Stars Hotel
Address: Section 103 Hundred of Grace Redbanks Road
Town or Locality: Redbanks
Year constructed: 1970/01/01
Used for: Hotel
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Section 103 Hundred of Grace was first taken up by an Adelaide land agent, Edward Amand Wright in 1861. He leased this section to Charles Tilley for a term of 10 1/2 years for £1,000 to be paid evenly each year with the right to purchase. Charles Tilley, a farmer from Pinkerton Plains, built the Seven Stars Hotel from the local limestone and timber in 1865. The hotel was so named because seven roads joined up at that site.

The building was situated north of the intersection on the Mallala-Gawler Rd at Redbanks.

The premises comprised a huge square building and included fourteen guest rooms and lots of chimneys, a long bar, a licensed billiard room, and dining room with a large jarrah dining table. The front room was large with a wide bar, the full length of the room. The timber was also thick and in later years was worn to about one inch deep where the kegs were placed each end. A billiard room was also licensed. It became a stop over where the drivers rested and socialised while the bullocks were watered and fed. To water the horses and bullocks a quarter of an acre from an adjoining neighbour was bought and a well dug. The hotel had a large square underground tank to provide water for the house use. A wooden trough was near the road hewn from a large single tree. The stables were about two chains long, all made from local materials.

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