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Now and Then is a community heritage wiki website created and maintained by the people of Mallala and district, South Australia. You are welcome to join and share your knowledge, memories and stories of Mallala and district. Create your account and join in!

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News from the Museum

Mallala Museum, 2009
Mallala Museum, 2009

Mallala Museum received grant

The Mallala Museum is finalising our project “The Domestic Homefront during Wartime“. A grant under the History SA’s Community Museums Program was received for the design and the development of the display.

The Paint Shop Gallery has been transformed into areas representing a kitchen and laundry, a time line of items used in those areas and an interpretative display of the development of the East Bros Company.

The members of the Committee are guided through this planning stage by the illustrations and plans of the talented designer Peter Templeton.

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Then and Now 2 Wasleys Road

H. Lawrence Saddler at Mallala, 1870s
H. Lawrence Saddler at Mallala, 1870s
Mallala Main Street c1895, 2 Wasleys Rd on right
Mallala Main Street c1895, 2 Wasleys Rd on right
Building at 2 Wasleys Road about to be demolished 2009
Building at 2 Wasleys Road about to be demolished 2009
The Opening of the Rotunda at 2 Wasley Road
The Opening of the Rotunda at 2 Wasley Road

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Mallala Museum on YouTube

Mallala Museum is now on Facebook

Mallala Museum on Facebook

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Gallipoli Crossing - Do you know when and why it was named?

In the Mallala area it is a well known and accepted sign for a location. The disappearance of the sign and the desire to install a replacement has resulted in some puzzling questions. A grant to finance the replacement required research into when & why the crossing was so named.

It was considered that “The landing of the Anzacs at Gallipoli coincided with when the railway construction had reached that point." however page 6 of The Register 22 June 1915 quotes:


Operations in connections with the Salisbury to Long Plains Railway, authorized by an Act in 1913, were commenced at the Salisbury end on April 23 last. The line is to be 34 1/2 miles long." The line had not yet reached the site Gallipoli Crossing.

All information to assist in the research would be appreciated.

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